Together we can help the children in Cambodia!

In Cambodia, the situation became disastrous due to the restrictions imposed by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Missionary Eduard Claudiu Moisă    together with his organization „Hope Mission in Cambodia” has been dealing with the needy and especially the children in this country for about five years, since he has been living there with his family. Urgent needs would be milk and food in general, plus personal hygiene products, for those over 100,000 children in slums left without any source of income following border closures, because the companies that recycled the materials sold by the locals there were from Vietnam! If before their parents were earning $ 2 or $ 3 a day, now they have no chance to earn even less. The only food source for them remains the distribution of food made by the Hope Mission Organization in Cambodia. Please come to help them and put each one as much as we can to help these hungry children.

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By any share you express your passion for people and for their souls, contributing to the common effort to save these innocent children.

Thank you!


Viaţa în diaspora
Author: Viaţa în diaspora